Some clients require a unique approach based on trust, partnership, and absolute confidentiality. People may recognize you either in your country or worldwide. You may be a CEO of an international corporation, a well-known sportsman, movie/pop star, model, politician… What you might have learned is that success also brings loneliness. You might have discovered that the more successful you are, the fewer close friends you have. You might have found yourself unable to talk to close ones about your problems because of the fear that someone will share your secrets. You have also learned that money does not inevitably bring happiness. You may have the same issues that anyone else, unhappiness, fears, and phobias, low self-confidence, motivation, or just curiosity about your fate or destiny or anything else. I have a genuine proposition for you.


I am ready to meet you anywhere globally and provide a specific hypnotherapy treatment program adjusted to your needs and goals. You might be comfortable in your setting or a particular place far from the paparazzi and newspapers. I guarantee full confidentiality in the contract we sign before the provision of hypnotherapy.

Requirements and arrangements for me:

  • Private jet or business/first class return airline fare to Vienna airport
  • 5-star hotel or private lodging at the 5-star hotel level at the destination
  • Driver to/from airport
  • Translator If you are not speaking English or meeting is in the country with little English language knowledge
  • Compensation based on the number of sessions estimated during the consultation call/video meeting

All these arrangements, including confidentiality, will be put into the contract we will sign before the therapy and travel. I strongly emphasize secrecy so you can be in peace of mind that your secrets, perhaps troubled relationships or childhood abuse, will remain secret and never shared unless you will decide to come out and speak up. Privacy is the cornerstone of the therapy and is strictly guaranteed.

Usually, hypnotherapy takes 4-8 sessions; however, that number varies based on your issues’ length and severity — this number is just an estimation based on my eight years of practice. In case we are to deal with several problems, amount of sessions can go up and, in such case, I recommend starting with the most severe one or the one impacting your present life the most. Next issues we will work on next meetings.

One arrangement is usually five consecutive days in a row. My arrival is one day before if the total travel time is less than 8 hours. If travel time is over 8 hours, then arrival is two days before the initial session. Leave is the next day after the last session.

You will have a hypnotherapy program that comprises two sessions daily to improve your life or process your issues or traumas. The program includes the very best mix of hypnotherapy modalities. I usually add self-exploratory sessions to understand yourself better, get rid of your negative thoughts and beliefs, and introduce the ideas of meta-physical therapies. These are voluntary to expand your understanding of life beyond what we usually accept.

In between the sessions, you can schedule and book your program depending on your needs. The only request is to come for each session on time and adhering to basic rules pointed out in the contract that include no alcohol, drugs, and sweets a few hours before the sessions.

I am also available to discuss other topics that might be of your interest or to teach you powerful self-hypnosis, dream therapy, success is not an accident, or other modality you which will show your interest.

After five days, we evaluate our progress and schedule monthly/quarterly reviews either in person or online to validate your progress and set up the following arrangement to work on another issue. Hypnotherapy is not a one-time shot. Each person is developing over his all life. It can happen you may need my services again. That is why we keep in touch to discuss your progress over time and your personal development needs.


In case you would like to change the environment entirely and conduct the therapy outside your general settings, I have prearranged a top luxury hotel in Slovakia — Kempinski High Tatras. The hotel is situated in the beautiful scenery of mountains High Tatras, surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, trails, combined with the hotel’s exquisite lodging, dining and wellness experience. There is an airport nearby the hotel that welcomes private jets.

Requirements and arrangements:

  • Your travel based on your preference to Vienna, Bratislava, or Poprad
  • Car or helicopter transport to and from the hotel (a car transport recommended from Poprad, a helicopter from Bratislava or Vienna)
  • Hotel booking at Kempinski High Tatras

There is a unique program for you to discover local culture and completely free your mind from your daily life. It includes mountain trails with a mountain guide, a trip by cable car to the second-highest mountain in Slovakia, wine and cheese tasting while visiting sheep shepherd. There are a spectacular evening and night spent in very few rooms available for overnight stay (exceptional self-development program scheduled for that night), and much more. The program aims to distill your negative thoughts and bring back your life balance. It is your time. Let’s fill it with new experiences and adventures while working on your personal development.

Your spouse or partner is welcome on this transformation journey unless not interfere with the therapy.

Therapy and duration are the same as with flying hypnotherapist mode. Of course, you are welcome to stay as much as you want to discover this beautiful heart of Europe or continue your travel by visiting visit nearby capitals Bratislava, Vienna, and Budapest.



How long are you going to keep your problems?