The foundation of regression hypnotherapy is based on the idea that we learn all behavior, as mentioned earlier. All emotions are, in fact, behavior. These usually started with an event or series of events where people felt those emotions for the first time and associated them with a particular perceived threat, person, or event.

Stuttering could have started when the child experienced domestic violence and could not react, so he developed stuttering. Later in life, a person can also create a sense of insecurity and distrust of other people.

Anorexia and bulimia could have started as a reaction to a negative statement about the body image, sometimes an unfortunate attempt by a parent or a sibling for a funny joke.

Fear of …… could have started anytime when a person felt it for the first time, like when bitten or scared of a dog, stung by bee/wasp, shocked by a parent in panic when saw a snake, etc. So further in life, the person repeats the same pattern of behavior, to feel the same fear as felt the first time. Have you ever noticed adult people running away from a table because of the annoying wasp?

Regression hypnotherapy allows one to uncover these events and effectively process trapped emotions attached to the event. Once these emotions are understood and processed, a remarkable healing and re-learning process can happen.

During regression hypnotherapy, we do not deal entirely with actual events only. But mostly with emotions, perceived happenings, how the child felt during that event. Even discovering what the person thought was the source of his problem was a false memory, perhaps a dream or story or even a nightmare. I had a client, a successful CEO of an agriculture company, with an intense fear of spiders. It was an absolute horror fear.

We have discovered the cause of the fear in hypnosis using regression hypnotherapy. The event that started this horrifying fear was a nightmare based on the horror movie Arachnophobia that the client watched as a child. That night, she had a nightmare based on that movie that involved her and her family members. Her fear started at that moment. As an adult, she was not aware anymore of such a memory. It was not available as a conscious thought. Using regression hypnotherapy, we discovered the cause so the client could understand and eliminate the fear. Since that day we processed that fear from the nightmare, she has never felt that fear anymore. She can grab a spider now and hold it in her hands with no negative or elicited reaction. She calls it magic.

Regression hypnotherapy is such a powerful technique in the right hands. Be prepared for a powerful stream of emotions, perhaps crying or sadness or anger, as these will rapidly vent out in bursts, leaving you in tears. At the end of the session, as you settle with the past, you become grateful, ready to move on, feel lighter, happier, and open to a fresh experience. In the right hands, this therapy is magic. That is why I have become professional and use regression hypnotherapy frequently. You can trust me. You are in expert hands.


Parts therapy is undoubtedly fascinating therapy available for hypnotherapists, based on the principle that each personality comprises different parts. May it be the fear, joy, happiness, motivation or sadness, or any other part.

Have you ever had an irresistible urge to do something that you knew you should not do, but you did it anyway?

How about just a tiny voice in your head? Irresistible sense of doing something that you logically know is not right?

Perhaps you know you should not have a cigarette or a piece of cake, but you have it anyway.

Perhaps you want to write a book, but there is always something else that crops you and stops you from finding the proper time.

It seems like someone is almost sabotaging you. It is probably true — some part or parts of yourself. Many clients are coming to see me who tried everything, various motivational seminars, therapies, including hypnotherapy, with no noticeable change. These clients have an internal conflict that they cannot resolve on their own.

Can you imagine these parts talking in hypnosis?

Parts are like genuine people with needs and fears, often reasonable ones. In hypnosis, they talk through you. Once we understand them, we can negotiate a deal and call it a resolution acceptable for those parts.

The change occurs instantly right as the parts reach a conclusion. It is fascinating to see the instant transformation and know that these deep conversations can get rapidly to the core of a problem and solve a lifelong inner battle. Be prepared that some parts may not have a positive attitude about yourself or even be mean to you.

Let me share a story about a female client who came in with a particular physical issue — urge to vomit and stomach cramps when she heard or saw vomiting another person (sometimes also called Emetophobia). It started when she was a child and shared a room with her younger brother, who was seriously ill and was frequently vomiting. When she heard him vomiting, she said she had this urge to vomit and have stomach cramps. Overlooked by protective parents who focused on the other child, she grew up not understood. She spent years in psychotherapy that worsened her problem up to the point when 3rd psychotherapist dismissed her from therapy that had no progress and recommended searching for a specialist in vomiting. If only just category existed in yellow pages or phone books. Before coming to see me, her condition worsened up to a point when she just had stomach cramps daily with no need of hearing or seeing vomiting as before. Over the years, she saw several specialists and underwent every single medical examination, including but not limited to MRI, CT, gastroscopy, and colonoscopy. All results negative. "You are healthy, " doctors told her repeatedly while she knew and expected cramps to come that day and each following day again.

The breakthrough came with parts therapy. It was her fear part causing the cramps. When you do the parts therapy, the client is in hypnosis, and the part is talking through the client. It sounds unbelievable to speak to the fear and fear responding verbally through her. We reached a resolution when fear accepted not to cause the cramps anymore. Fear acknowledged pursuing a new job in her life by teaching her self-confidence. Since that day, cramps ceased to exist and never returned.

As you can see, Parts therapy is excellent for resolving inner conflicts that include addictions like smoking and overeating, psychosomatic pain, or phobias. It significantly improves clients who experience little or no progress with regular hypnotherapy.


Would you ever consider that the cause of your problem started way long before your birth? Perhaps tens or even hundreds of years back in time?

A horrifying phobia, like extreme fear of deep water, but you've never been drowning before?

What if one of the live lives before ended because you drowned?

Overeating, while you have tried all diets in the world, so you have become an expert on diets but still cannot lose weight?

What if one of your lives before was painful because of lack of food, even starving to death?

Gambling, overworking, or hoarding of any assets of no use, but you've never experienced insufficiency in your life?

What if one of your lives before was so miserable you had nothing?

What about talent?

Have you ever thought about the word talent? Let me stop here for a second. How do you describe a talent? What does it mean someone has a talent for something? Where did he get it? Why has modern medicine not been able so far to identify a gene in DNA responsible for piano play, sports performance, signing, or anything else? Perhaps there is a reason for it. Human beings hate unknowns so much. We desire to understand everything, and what we do not understand, we at least give a name to it. Like to an illness, that is puzzling doctors. But also, to talent, when we see someone, a child who has an extraordinary skill that could not learn at a young age. We found a word; it is a gifted child, or it is — talent. Would you ever consider that this talent is coming from some other time? What if a child or a person good at something is not doing it for the first time? What if it took him several lifetimes to master it?

You do not have to believe in past lives. The therapy is not about giving you a definite answer, whether or not there is life after death. Past lives may be real or can be metaphors of the mind. In either case, it is a breathtaking and emotionally intense experience that leads to very profound healing.

Discovery / Exploratory session

Perhaps you have read books of Raymond Moody or Dr. Brian Weiss, the world's most recognized psychiatrist and author of several books about past life regression. Or Bruce Goldberg, Dahlke, Dethlefsen, Ian Stevenson, or others.

Perhaps you saw some movies or series about past lives or reincarnation, like Surviving Death on Netflix.

Perhaps you have experienced something strange as a child or have had vivid dreams about the distant past.

Perhaps you have a slight innate feeling that you have lived before, but you are a rational person who needs to understand and experience first before acknowledging something.

If any of those are correct, you can enjoy one session to discover one of your past lives. Discover how you grew up, what was your family like, what were the happiest moments of that life, the saddest moments, most remarkable successes, and the most important events that might still impact you until this day up to the point of the death and even what happens right after.

Past lives as an integral part of regression therapy

In the case of therapy, as I explained before, it is unnecessary to discover various elements of that past life like growing up, talents, or family. We will search only for those special moments that might be the cause of your unwanted behavior! We never know whether the cause is in the present or past life. It can be in both and even in several past lives. During a hypnotherapy session, we will uncover these moments because you will be the one who will answer them while being in deep hypnosis.

A female client in her 40 came to see me for improving what she said was talking a foreign language. This female client is a top-world professional in process optimization in oil refineries. The initial issue during the intake talk changed to a lack of self-confidence. As she explained, she belongs to very few people in the world with her skills, and she still undervalues herself.

We discovered the cause in her past life. She was the daughter of a healer who understood various herbs who taught her how to extract colors from the herbs and apply them to the textile. She was making colorful scarfs. However, people considered that as witchcraft because they did not understand such a process and could not reproduce it. One day as she was selling them in the local marketplace, guards took her, put her to prison, and accused her of witchery. Then she relived the death experience as she was burnt alive as a witch. As she was dying, she decided not to stand above the average anymore to save her life.

That very moment, she literally put a curse on herself. Luckily, in hypnotherapy, one can also get rid of the curse. And she did. She saw herself in hypnosis as a being from a past life that explained that she put a curse on herself and showed a way to undo it.

She was stunned at the end of the hypnotherapy program. Being analytical, process-oriented, she would never imagine experiencing past lives and undoing the curse.

A few weeks later, I called to review the progress. She said she could not rationally explain what had happened in the sessions. She said she just saw and enjoyed the difference between old and brand-new her. Her old was silent in meetings, letting youngers with little experience overcrowd her. Her new was excelling in the meetings, proudly presenting the work results.

But there was one more change. She said she had told no one that she does not use any makeup or lipstick and wears very boring cloth because she has never looked at herself in the mirror before because of low self-confidence. Once we completed the hypnotherapy program, she started to look to the mirror, enjoying herself, admiring herself as a woman. This change was a genuine breakthrough as a bonus added to the confidence at work.

As you can see, a rational mind does not always have an explanation. If a client allows himself to experience and create a change, it can be unbelievable how dramatic that change can be. Most of all, it is a lasting change that makes his life a better place to live.



How long are you going to keep your problems?