Following therapies are alternative and not suitable for each individual, primarily for highly rational people. I do not offer them directly, and they are not always a part of the hypnotherapeutic process. The reason for pointing them out is the awareness of how little we understand about our world and describe them as the option that might help during the hypnotherapy once the subconscious mind confirms the need for such therapy.


They say that everyone has a spirit guide or several of them. Someone calls them angels or energies, but most people are happy to call them spirit guides. While my aim is not to intrude on your religious beliefs, you might have another word for a higher form of being or the energy silently protecting you, maybe even guiding you if you listen carefully.

You may have been in situations when suddenly you got an idea what to do or what to say that was not wholly yours. Perhaps you did not accept it because it sounded outside your mind. But when you followed it, something useful or important happened.

You may have found yourself at a crossroads in your life. Perhaps your career is not fulfilling anymore. Or you want to follow your spiritual path or find out your life’s purpose.

Spiritual Re-Connection is a unique exploratory therapy to connect you with your spirit guides. During the session, you will be guided to a special place to meet him, discover names, how does he look like, and you can ask the most innate personal questions you may have been holding inside all your life. These might be about your life’s purpose, your fate, or talents you have been struggling to discover by yourself. You may grieve about someone is not here anymore, wondering if he is alright. You may wonder about life, death, or the spirit world. It may be something different. A spirit guide will make sure you realize what you seek to understand while you are in deep hypnosis. Usually, they also have a special message for you.


Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s in his genes,” meaning that the child might have inherited a particular quality or a trait from his parents or grandparents?

Just for a moment, consider the option that what if a negative emotion or a belief can somehow also be inherited and passed over from generation to generation?

For example, somewhere back in a family tree, a woman died while giving birth. Since that time, women in that family line have been having a very traumatic/painful birth or have been experiencing miscarriages. What if these women somehow carry this pain or fear of death over and over through the generations? Even though medical treatments advanced tremendously and survival rate increased? What if the present generation in the family is experiencing trauma that is several generations old?

Consider a client, a university professor who came for weight control. Regular diets have never actually helped. She has tried countless weight loss and exercise programs with no success. The client accepted the idea of the potential metaphysical cause of the inability to lose weight. Ancestral regression brought her back into the great-great-grandfather’s life, who led a tough life, and because of being very poor, his kids died of starvation. She had become that great-great-grandfather who visited the cemetery and saw the grave of his children. He released lots of suppressed emotions of sadness and guilt metaphysically through her. The experience puzzled the professor so much. Her rational mind was much-resisting everything that happened. Yet, she said: You know Martin, now some things in my life make sense. I do not know why; I have three big fridges at home and always must have a big reserve of food in the house. I find it very unsettling when my stock is going down. I immediately need to go out to replenish my supply. I have never understood why I have been doing this. Now I know. May this be a reason for a client who cannot lose weight because her long-gone relative experienced significant trauma caused by his children’s starvation and death? And can this be the first stimulus allowing a client to lose weight?


Who has not seen or heard of the movies like Poltergeist or Paranormal activity?

If not, then highly possible you have seen the movie Ghost with unforgettable Patrick Swayze?

What if such an entity, called earthbound spirit, attaches to a living being?

Have you ever heard of a person who suddenly changed behavior or fell into depression, or just started smoking or drinking out of nowhere? Perhaps he was in the hospital for surgery or treatment or witnessed a car accident when someone died.

When people die, the theory says they are supposed to leave the body and this world to continue to other space, just as described in past life regression. On certain occasions like sudden death, death in shock like a car accident, heart attack, etc., a soul might not leave the world and keeps wandering around until it finds someone to who to attach. Since then, that person may experience different moods, moods that the deceased spirit felt right before the death, for example, fear of hospitals, depression, or even craving for what that already dead person enjoyed the most during his life.

Like a client who came with an unusual issue of being sleepy most of the day, a young medical doctor at 28 contacted me to help with severe sleepiness and tiredness. She said that she lies in bed most of the day as she returns from work and stares at a wall or sleeps. She does the same over the weekends and holidays for the entire time. Her boyfriend took her on various luxurious vacations hoping to increase her energy, just finding that she sleeps at the beautiful island in the ocean, same as at home. She said that all medical results are negative, and that condition lasts since her childhood. Ruling out all medical causes, since as a medical doctor underwent all potential examinations in her hospital, we started first to discuss her history and childhood around the time when her sleepiness started. As a child, she spent several months a year in a hospital where she learned to “calm down” to survive dull months spent in bed while being a very active child before.

Because she had a condition that might have been caused by spirit attachment, I asked whether she might consider such a cause of her issue and explained the idea of earthbound spirits. To my surprise, she responded it makes complete sense, and that would also explain her horror feelings she has been suffering each day on the way to the hospital where she works. “I love my job, yet when I’m supposed to leave home for work, I get this overwhelming, uncontrollable fear just as if it wouldn’t be me. What you say makes total sense.”

This client found out by herself in hypnosis that the attached spirit was an old lady whose only child died at a young age. She then lived a lonely life until she died in the hospital. When she died, she wandered around, noticed a cute little girl, and attached to her to protect her. The spirit does not understand that it passes feelings and emotions onto the person, in this case, loneliness and a kind of apathy state, but also drains the client’s life energy.

We talked to this spirit and agreed to leave the body to continue her journey to the other place, just as Raymond Moody describes this other place based on people’s stories who experienced NDE / Near Death Experience in his books.

The client became very emotional because she realized that spirit was close to her. She was with that spirit longer than the spirit’s own child. She instantly felt a rush of energy. Later on, she also reported staying up and outside of bed until the evenings, including the weekends. She also stood up for herself in the argument with the parents after many years of passivity. It was a breakthrough for her; although she is a medical doctor, she was open and not judgmental about things not belonging to a medical professional’s rational mind.

We can discover whether there are any earthbound spirits attached to a client with hypnotherapy. Most of the spirits are harmless. They are not aware of what they do to their living hosts. For some reason, they stay earthbound. Using various tools, we can make clients aware of them, even talk to them and help them leave the client. As soon as this happens, the client instantly feels lots of relief. Do not imagine spirit release like an exorcism in the movies. It is a process done only with words. It is a kind discussion rather than a forceful one-way talk or shout.

Some other manifestations of spirit attachment may be sudden mood swings, unexplained thoughts that seem like not yours, or even voices in the head. Spirits usually attach to people in places where they are presumably staying, but it is not always a rule of thumb, like hospitals, cemeteries, churches, or areas of accidents/tragedy. There are no rules to what kind of people spirits usually attach to. It could be lovely, vibrant people, including children who resemble a lighthouse in the darkness or people with the same or similar negative pattern as the spirits felt before the death. For example, a depressed person can attract a depressed spirit that will multiply the depression up to the potential attempt for suicide.

Dr. Edith Fiore, the renowned American psychiatrist in her book Unquiet Death, states that 50% of her clients had an issue caused by a problematic/traumatic event in an actual or previous lifetime. Another 50% of her clients had a spirit attached that was the cause of their issue.



How long are you going to keep your problems?