Let me be your guest at the spectacular event that already attended hundreds of people seeking spiritual growth, answers about life or death, and also skeptics, skeptics have here their place.

Past Lives Live is a truly unique evening, full of questions, emotions, doubts, and perhaps also resolutions with own past. My name is Martin Kominek and I’ve been a professional hypnotherapist for over 8 years. I specialize in regression therapy. One of my teachers is Dr. Brian Weiss. Dr. Brian Weiss is a retired psychiatrist and world’s renowned author of books about past life regressions. I was honored to spend in class with him for a week back in 2016.

Do you believe in past lives or you are skeptical?

What if you don’t live first … and last time? How would it feel to experience own past life?

Would you experience in full, laugh and cry aloud, or you keep emotions for yourself?

Now you have the unique opportunity to experience what you have been only reading until now. Past Lives Live is usually a theater performance with guests who are invited on stage to be hypnotized live on stage and re-live their past life. Each evening is different, because of different people, stories, forgotten, and rediscovered past. This time we are going ONLINE.

During the evening you will learn more about what is hypnosis, how does it work, how you can experience past life, you will try to find the answer what is talent and happiness, what are the primary, core emotions that cause most of your problems and then … you will experience a group regression hypnosis to one of your past lives.

Experience full of emotions, understanding own past, discovering soul mates, experiencing the most important events of your past life up to the death point … and what happens after death transition. For a short while, you will become another person, living in another time and another body. I will not tell you who you have been before because you will experience it by yourself. Before you come back to present, you will meet your spirit guide and ask him questions about life, the universe, and everything.

Each evening is unique. I never know what will happen, how it is going to end. Usually, over 50% of people in the group will experience their past life. Someone will just see sparks of the past, someone more detailed images, someone will impersonate, will become that person, seeing, hearing, feeling physical feelings and emotions of the past. It is important to come without prejudice. That is the best way to allow your subconscious mind to deliver you experience you’re looking for.


30th of September 2021 at 7.00PM EDT


Up to 3 hours


99 USD

You don’t have to travel, because we’re going ONLINE.


Payment only by a credit card online. In case of any question, please contact me at info@martinkominek.com

To have the best possible experience, I recommend

A quiet place (not that in the movie), where you can be undisturbed for the duration of the event

Fast internet access


Courage and desire to experiment

Be open to new ideas and happenings


I highly discourage to attend this even while driving the car or during any activity that requires focus and concentration.

Although hypnosis and regression to a past life is very safe, you shall be in good mental health.

In case you suffer from any seizures, schizophrenia, or other mental disorder, you might rather skip the group regression and be an observer only, not an active participant.


How this event will be streamed?

The event will be streamed online as a webinar, so you won’t need a camera and microphone to attend. It’s optional in case you would like to ask questions, although questions written to chat is a preferred option.

I’m not quite proficient with a computer, do I need to install a special app to watch your event?

No, you need just a regular internet browser; I recommend Chrome and Safari. Just make sure you are using the latest version of the browser. You will receive an invitation to the event shortly after the payment (usually within 24 hours). It will include a link to connect to the event. You’ll be fine 🙂

Does hypnosis over the internet / online work and is it safe?

Hypnosis uses the power of words, not magic, so hypnosis can be done either in person or online. It’s a safe procedure including regression to the past life even in case your internet connection would drop in the middle of the regression.

Do you guarantee I will experience a past life?

There are so few guarantees in this world, only taxes, and death … You will attend group regression. Usually, 50-60% of attendees will experience a past life.

Will I be able to ask questions?

You are welcome to ask questions during the event using chat and I will respond to them as they will appear on the screen. The event is just as good as it’s the content, which you also help to create. Just a little spoiler. I’m not an everythingknowsguru so I might have sometimes the answer — I don’t know. In case of very specific questions or lack of time, you are welcome to book a separate one-on-one session and individual regression.

I don’t believe in past lives. Why shall I join your event?

That’s all right, you don’t have to join it Unless you were open to new ideas and experience and in the end, it will be up to you whether you will keep or change your beliefs.

What if I don’t wake up from hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not sleep, so you cannot stay stuck/not wake from hypnosis. The easiest and fastest way to end hypnosis is just to open your eyes, just like you do every single day in the morning.

What if I get stuck in a past life?

It’s not possible. Even in the case of a connection drop, you will get a suggestion that in case of a connection drop, you will quickly and effortlessly come back and keep any negative emotions in that past life.

What they told about the event

It was real, real emotions. I’ve been experiencing bits and pieces of my past life in my present life. It was awesome, thank you! I got answers also to questions I hesitated to ask.


I enjoyed my past life experience in hypnosis. I gathered many answers out of it. I’m deeply moved by the fact that many things that are around me in my actual life were with me in my past life too. Thank you and I wish you a lot of successful therapies and regressions.


The most interesting was the part where you took us back to our past life. I like the way you presented this topic. It was easy to understand, and I learned what I needed to learn.




How long are you going to keep your problems?